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Technogeeks is a Group of IT working professionals, located in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Technogeeks Trainers are working on real time projects on multiple technologies and always believe to share the knowledge and best practices to help the candidates to build career on multiple skill sets

How do I get an internship as a data scientist in India?

Data Science will always remain an integral part of the culture and economy of the world because Data Science is helpful for companies in many ways. As it helps to understand the customer need in an enhancing manner. The findings and results of Data Science can be applied in every sector like hospitality, travel, education, banking etc. So we can understand the power and requirement of Data Science.

It is accessible for every sector so that there are many requirements of Data Science interns. The requirements you can search for job searching websites.

Now comes on how can you train yourself to be Data Science professional. TECHNOGEEKS in Pune helps you get selected for your dream job. TECHNOGEEKS is an institute which provides training for various courses RPA, AWS, Hadoop, Data Science, Python, Java, Informatica, DevOps, and Angular JS etc.


· Our Data Science program is a job oriented program.

· Our training program provides basic to advanced knowledge of every topic.

· Our course design is also as per the industry requirement.

· We provide regular workshop sessions for the practising of students.

· We give a chance to students to interact with industry experts for boosting up their confidence.

· Our faculty is the best trained skilled facility in the field of Data Science.

· We provide training with real-time projects.

· Provide 100% placements assistance and guidance in resume preparation.

Contact us at- 8600998107 or Email us at contact@technogeekscs.co.in

Visit our website for details: https://technogeekscs.com

Syllabus contents of Data Science are:

The modules covered under Data Science course are:

Section 1 – Introduction to Python

Section 2 – Setting up and installations

Section 3 – Python object and data structures operations

Section 4 – Python statements

Section 5 - UDF functions and methods

Milestone Project - 1

Section 6 - File and exception handling

Section 7 - Python modules and packages

Section 8 – Object-oriented programming

Section 9 - Advanced Python Modules

Section 10 – Package installation and parallel processing

Section 11 – Introduction to Machine learning with Python

Milestone Project – 2

Section 12 - Data Analysis with Python

Section 13 – Data analysis using Numpy

Section 14 – Pandas and advanced analysis

Section 15 – Data visualization with Python

Section 16 Machine learning Algorithms

Section 17 – REST APIs with flask and python

During the course, we arrange doubt clearing sessions time to time for a better understanding of the students.

After course completion, we provide a final project which students do by their own under an expert’s guidance.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading.

All the best for your future!

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This is a great comprehensive guide on data Science