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Technogeeks is a Group of IT working professionals, located in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Technogeeks Trainers are working on real time projects on multiple technologies and always believe to share the knowledge and best practices to help the candidates to build career on multiple skill sets

How to become a DevOps engineer

DevOps helps organization to decrease go to market cycle time by enhancing everything from commencement to delivery. It helps companies to save their time for the delivery pipeline. It helps to increase the efficiency of companies which ultimately ensures the better quality to their customers. DevOps is a combination of two words – ‘Dev’ which stands for ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’. DevOps helps to improve coordination and communication between the various stakeholders such as Operations, Development and QA team. It helps companies to deploy their products fast with better quality. It ensures less bugs.  


There are a variety of tools in DevOps for different layers and tasks as following :


·         Version Control System (VCS)

·         Configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible

·         Continuous Deployment using Docker

·         Continuous Monitoring using Nagios

·         Continuous integration using Jenkins

·         Source code management

·         Testing using tools like selenium

 DevOps is not an automation or any technology. Automation or Integration is one of the essential features of DevOps. The companies can efficiently handle operations which consists of continues integration, delivery, deployment, and verification which reduces the time and expenses of companies. DevOps uses tools which help companies to be more productive.

 ‘Dev’ (Development) mainly consists –

  • Debug
  • Source control
  •  Code
  • Review 


QA’ mainly consists –

  • Regression
  • Automation
  • Sanity
  • Performance

It is necessary for you to know how to configure and create your DevOps environment on virtual machines (on-prim) or on cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. To use DevOps on cloud, a basic understanding of these cloud platforms is necessary. Even the understanding of tools (Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment) for other aspects of DevOps is also essential.

DevOps Training and Job Opportunities :

There are many job opportunities in DevOps. Many people search for DevOps jobs on LinkedIn. But while applying for a job, one must possess the basic knowledge about DevOps to get the job. So it is better to take proper training of DevOps before applying for a job. There are many institutions in Pune which provide DevOps training. But I would recommend you Technogeeks institute as it not only provides Practically Oriented training but also provides 100% Placement Assistance after course completion. It provides real-time examples with Live projects which helps candidates to apply their theoretical knowledge at a practical level.   

Technogeeks provides following components in DevOps :

1.      Infrastructure Related Tools –

  •        Linux
  •        Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  •        TerraForm


2.Automation Tool for Build –

  •        Docker
  •        Kubernetes


3.Configuration Management Tools –

  •        Puppet
  •        Ansible


4.Continuous Integration Tools –

  •        GIT
  •        Maven
  •        Jenkins
  •        JIRA


5.Continuous Monitoring Tools –

  •        Nagios


 So, I would suggest you can Free join the Demo session provided by Technogeeks to get ample knowledge about DevOps and how it works in IT and then take the decision about the final step in career to opt this technology as your career path. I hope this helped you to get some Idea about DevOps and its component.

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